Letter to James Johnson, November 1787

… These lines will set [to the tune better thus] than as they are printed.- 

To the song in the first Volume, “Here awa there awa,” added this verse, the best in the song- 

“Gin ye meet my love, kiss her and clap her,

“An gin ye meet my love, dinna think shame: 

“Gin ye meet my love, kiss her and clap her,

“And shew her the way to had awa hame.” 

There is room enough on the plate for it.- 

For the tune of the Scotch queen, in Oswald; take the two first, and the two last stanzas of the Poem entitled, The Lament, in Burns’ Poems; which . . . To daunton me – 

“The blude red rose at yule may blaw,

“The simmer lilies bloom in snaw, 

“The frost may freeze the deepest sea

“But an auld man shall never daunton me, 


“To daunton me,to daunton me, 

“An auld man shall never daunton me.”- 

‘the chorus is set to the first part of the tune, which just suits it, en once play’d or sung over.-

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